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What You'll Explore?

You Must Attend This Masterclass If,

❌Wrong Signature Can Harm Your Life Sub-Consciously, In The Same Way Right Signature Can Change Your Life.

Just give me your 1 hour i will help you to design your best signature.

Do you know YOUR MIND is the biggest asset you have?

And, an activity as simple as handwriting freezes your sub-conscious mind onto the paper providing an access to your “Emotional Intensity, Thinking Pattern, Relations, Strengths, Fears & Defences & Areas To Improve Upon”.

You would be surprised to know that you can tap your sub-conscious mind through your handwriting. Hard to believe but it’s real. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have the ability to understand the meaning behind every letter you write so you can truly identify the power you are made of.

And that’s not all.

You can practice GRAPHO-THERAPY to bring in any changes you would like to make in your personality. I firmly believe that the power to change your life is inside of you not on the outside.

Grapho-Therapy Is The Scientific Process Of Changing Your Handwriting To Affect Positive Changes In Your Personality. The Characters Revealed To Us In Handwriting Analysis Are Changed Scientifically To Make Handwriting More Positive, Legible And In The Process Improve One’s Personality.

The World Operates At A Speed & People Need Tools Which Are FAST – EFFECTIVE & Easy To ACCESS To Improve Their Lifestyle & MENTAL HEALTH.

Being In The Space Of Personal Development For Close To 2 Decades – I Have Mastered A Tool Which Has Become The Answer The World Is Looking For And That Is “HANDWRITING ANALYSIS

identify the power you are made of.

Positive, Legible And In The Process Improve One’s Personality.

Imran Baig

Know Your Trainer

Imran Baig

Imran Baig Is A Penmanship Influencer, On A Mission To Make 1 Million People Fall In Love With Writing And Support Them In Forging Their Future Using The Power Of The Pen.


Signature Masterclass

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Signature Master-class is a LIVE 3-hour workshop to understand the science behind the way people sign. Additionally, you will also learn to decode different types of signatures and the scientific method of signing the right way.

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While interacting with our participants in the master-class, we have experienced many of them opening up about their personal lives. Hence to protect the confidentiality of our participants we do not share the recordings for the master-class.

Any individual above 16 years of age is welcome to participate with us.

We understand emergencies occur. In a situation like that, we will share the next upcoming schedule with you. We are committed to adding value to your participation.